Sara Schwittek - Railroad Track in NoDa, Charlotte, North Carolina

What a freaking year.

Most of the things we all wanted this year were entirely sideswiped, and replaced with forced growth, adaptation and/or acceptance.

That pic above is my fav photo of me from 2020 (📸  Thank you, Amy!). It’s wholly reflective of who I am. Taking a little time to explore + seek every-day-beauty with my camera (ok, *phone). Simple, complete, peaceful pleasure. It’s moments like this where I feel Calm. Peaceful. Present.

This year has been full of tremendous uncertainties, unexpected and extraordinary challenges -- on both a micro- and macro-scale. At this time last year, back in 2019, we plotted out our annual business plans & penned our New Years' resolutions -- and we could have never imagined what was just ahead of all of us.

2020 presented endless ‘opportunities’ for personal introspection + growth in unexpected ways, through unexpected channels.

Thank you for all of the lessons, 2020.

THANK YOU, 2020, for all the messy + beautiful, grand + subtle experiences in my life, and for the opportunity to receive each of their invaluable gifts. May I carry these experiences and lessons forward — and do better next year, and every year I'm gifted.

AND... I want to send a tremendous THANK YOU to each of one of YOU. THANKS so very much for all the love + support you have shown my little SHY SIREN shop this holiday season & this entire year.

I do not take your support for granted. It’s an honor for me that you exchange your hard-earned money for a piece of Shy Siren jewelry -- in a year where jewelry may not have felt like a priority (#nonessential). I’m grateful for every.single.opportunity you have given me to send my designs to every corner of the globe. My heartfelt THANK YOU.

In no other year have I felt the value of these words more deeply: I am wishing you good health, joyful love + soul-felt peace in this upcoming New Year.

With my love -- grit + sparkle on!

xoxoxo! -Sara



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