Shy Siren jewelry rings featuring Swarovski Crystal


Hello my friend!

I have a really important announcement. Writing this makes me both anxious and excited at the same time. It's a long letter to you, but hold tight with me.

When I think about Shy Siren pieces, a few visions come to my mind:

  • Understatedly elegant
  • Timeless, yet modern
  • Bold + brilliant
  • Subtle bad@ssery

I've been thrilled to sprinkle my signature grit + sparkle all over this planet for 17 years. I still pinch myself that I get to do this each and every day. It's an honor. I've never taken it for granted when you trade your hard-earned money for one of my creations.

My Shy Siren fans come back to time & time again because they are confident that when they buy jewelry from me, they will receive a piece that is infused with exceptional love + care.

The design whispers to their soul, and when they wear it, it makes them feel like a total bad@ss. When they walk into the room, they own the place.

My clients come back because:

  • Quality matters.
  • Design matters.
  • Feeling exquisite matters.
  • Where you shop matters.

AND SOME TIMES, it's just for that SPARKLE that makes your jaw drop.

CLAIRVOYANT Ring featuring Swarovski Crystal

So, speaking of SPARKLE...

I have been incorporating the world's most exceptional crystals from Swarovski--a 100-year old company based in Austria--into my designs since the very first day Shy Siren was born... way, wayyy back in 2003.


...It was with a head-tilt, and that feeling of "WT actual F?" when I initially read the rumors of an unconfirmed-but-now-confirmed announcement regarding Swarovski Crystal's new business strategy that surfaced last Fall 2020.

It goes something like this... I'm paraphrasing, but you'll get the gist:

Starting in 2021, Swarovski will no longer produce and sell components--such as their crystal stones, pendants, chandeliers, beads, etc.--for businesses, individuals artists and artisans (like myself) to use in their own creations.

Swarovski has decided to no longer support the independent jewelry industry, or other industries that use their crystal, such as costume designers, nail salons, home decorators, etc.

This announcement has had an tremendous effect on an entire downline of family-owned & small businesses, Authorized Swarovski Crystal suppliers & their thousands of clients (including Shy Siren). We've all been in a total tailspin over the last several months.

Shy Siren rings featuring Swarovski Crystal
SHY SIREN rings featuring Swarovski Crystal above:


  1. First & foremost:

    Shy Siren is strong, resilient, resourceful + creative. I believe my creativity is stronger than this limitation. I am also just enough left-brained to be able forecast, plan + prepare.

    Over the past few months, I have been heavily resourcing & collecting Swarovski crystal inventory for my most popular designs so that I can continue to meet demand for the foreseeable future.

    That being said, as the world's jewelers all attempt to do the same, there will inherently be some designs that will be forced into retirement once they are sold out.

    Virtually ALL of the Shy Siren designs that incorporate Swarovski Crystal will be limited -- simply by default of Swarovski's decision.

  2. Second, the inevitable news:

    As worldwide inventories of Swarovski crystal supplies have dwindled, unfortunately, that demand has created spikes in prices for some crystal. Between this & the increased price of silver, some Shy Siren designs will also experience an increase in price.

    Current prices will remain until June 30, 2021.

    If you have your eye on a piece, now might be a good time to take advantage of the pre-adjusted price. (


    With this situation, I've gotta turn more sour lemons into some freaking phenomenal fresh lemonade with a dash of cayenne pepper (and maybe some vodka) for good measure.  Dammit, I'm gonna create something fun and exciting out of this unwelcomed limitation. Are you with me??

    I'm beyond excited to announce that I will be creating special LIMITED EDITIONS pieces for you. Approx every 1-2 weeks, I will release a new design or set of designs incorporating vintage, out-of-production, or rare Swarovski crystals -- stunning & collectible rings, earrings & necklaces.

    There will be as few as 3--and no more than 10--of each design within the LIMITED EDITION collection. Once it is sold out, it will be retired from the Collection.

    How can you be sure to catch the new, special limited-edition releases?

Shy Siren rings featuring Swarovski Crystal

I'll answer a few questions that I think are likely come up:

What will happen with current Shy Siren jewelry designs?

I have been building up Swarovski crystal stock on many of the most popular Shy Siren designs so that I will be able to continue to carry them for the foreseeable future.

Are ALL designs now limited in availability?

The above being said, virtually ALL of the Shy Siren designs that incorporate Swarovski Crystal will be limited -- simply by default of Swarovski's decision. I have varying supply levels of each of the styles/colors of Swarovski crystals at this time.

Even if a design isn't specifically labelled as "LIMITED EDITION", it may still indeed be limited (HINT: I’m looking at you, Watercolor, Cognac & Mystic Mermaid, Showtime & Wizard...). This is based on the reason that it was initially available in larger quantities of more than 10, and I want to have integrity around that promise I'm making for this new offering (limited edition of 3 to 10 pieces).

Shy Siren Jewelry featuring Swarovski Crystal

SHY SIREN rings featuring Swarovski Crystal above:

If there's a piece you've had your eye on & it's been pulling at your heartstrings, you may wish to consider treating yourself to that little something-something now to avoid any disappointment!

I'll wrap up by saying:

It’s been a frustrating last few months since Swarovski’s announcement. I won't lie. It's caused a fair amount of stress and it's been additionally challenging to forecast (Pandemic, anyone?). I’m heartbroken for all of the small & family-run businesses around the entire world who have created their livelihoods & legacies on supplying and creating with Swarovski.


Sara Schwittek of Shy Siren Jewelry

I'm choosing to remain brilliantly optimistic about this situation.

There is so much more phenomenal Shy Siren grit + sparkle in the future, and I can’t wait to keep creating and keep sharing with you!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this important announcement.

Here's to creating more of your heart's desires.

xoxoxo! -Sara

P. S. Any questions for me? I'm happy to try to answer any questions you may have! Click here to contact me!

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