Monday Mornings with my Monk Manual

Monday morning. Start of a new week. I wear virtually all the hats in my business--and TBH, it can be overwhelming.

I’m the jewelry designer, manufacturer, product photographer, copywriter, social media manager, fulfillment department, customer service, bookkeeper, etc. It can be a lot. #solopreneurlife

This weekend, I took a big step & made an investment in my first photo shoot with professional photographer. I've gotten to know Liz of Elizabeth A. Images (IG: @elizabethaimages) over the past year or two, as she's featured Shy Siren jewelry in several of her incredible styled photo shoots. Her gentle, patient & tender demeanor felt like the right fit for my first shoot.

I’ve always done all of my own photography, so it felt like giving up my baby. But this was different--something I could not do on my own: a photo shoot with me in the environment of my Shy Siren studio.

I am extraordinarily camera shy (um... "Shy Siren"), and yet, I know how important it is to "show my face". Knowing the person behind the Shy Siren brand is a huge part of connecting with each of you. CONNECTION is one of the most important things in my life--something I believe we all strive for.

So, I came to the conclusion: I need to get over myself.

The photo shoot was scary-exciting, and today I feel grateful for the learning experience. Today, I feel inspiration to do more, think bigger, be better.

The shoot reminded me to explore possibilities... the importance of trying something I've never done before--even just to be curious enough to see what happens.

Mostly it reminded me how important it is to ENJOY THE PROCESS... even when it's challenging, uncomfortable, and intimidating AF, for an #introvert like me.

So, while planning my week ahead this morning, there’s STILL ALWAYS ENDLESS to-do list. Endless. So very endless.

But today, on this Monday, things just feel a little bit more possible. And I'm a little more focused on the JOY OF THE JOURNEY.

xoxoxo! -Sara

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P.S. Side note: I'm also really loving my Monk Manual daily planner - shown in the pic above. This is a new planner style for me. What's your fav planner?