Sara Schwittek of Shy Siren Jewelry

🖤👋🏼  Hey friends! It’s been a little while... Thanks for sticking with me!

This social media + email thing can be a lot for an introvert like myself.

Do you ever catch yourself feeling so controlled by your phone, social media and email that you just need to... run away?

Yah. I know, I know... All of us.

It’s a lot.

And the pandemic has that made constant interaction through virtual connection (instagram, facebook, Zoom, etc) much better—and worse. My excitement & motivation for social media ebbs & flows. I feel creative, open & flowing for a few weeks...


All that extroverting can be exhausting!


  • I feel at a loss.
  • What do I talk about?
  • Will it make a difference?
  • Does it even matter?

AND: Does it matter ESPECIALLY in this climate of a worldwide pandemic, and when there is such intense attention on the desperate need for radical systemic & social change within our society?

Talking about jewelry can feel a little... tone-deaf...

I often need to retreat-to-recharge my battery for the work ahead: to consistently put my heart + soul into my business, and also to work--in some small way--to improve the lives of people in the communities around me. I recharge in the quiet creativity of my jewelry studio.

One thing I’ve been especially grateful for lately are the longer days of sunlight. Not only have the generously extended daylight hours provided me with the refreshed energy of optimism--but they have literally allowed me to catch up on my photography work of my new work.

There are so many new designs that have been very patiently waiting in the wings for their spotlight in front of my camera! I’m excited to show you what I’ve been working on, so please stay tuned over the next few days & upcoming weeks as I introduce them here!

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In the meantime, thanks for keeping me company, even if I go MIA every once in a while...

With all of my love, grit + sparkle...